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Chris Godwin


Why #TwelthAve?

#TwelfthAve was an idea I had in the offseason that embodies so much more than football for me. It represents the road I am on. While on that road, there are going to be bumps and obstacles. But as long as I stay true to who I am, stay ’12,’ and continue to chase and follow my heart, I will be able to reach my end goal. This watch is a symbol of, and powerful connection to, that journey and I hope it allows my supporters to join me in a unique and meaningful way.

Once I was presented with the idea to design a watch, I thought it was a great opportunity to take part in something that represents more of my story on and off the field. My watch would give my supporters a cool way to connect with me through an item that isn’t just like a regular t-shirt or jersey. My watch would allow them to be a part of this journey with me.


The Chris Godwin Watch

The watch has all roman numerals except for the ‘12’ up top. I was #12 in high school, college and the pros. As I progressed in my career, ‘12’ became how people recognized me. Teammates, coaches and fans would call me ‘12’ or ‘CG12’ so it quickly became how I was identified and has become as much a part of me as my own name. ‘12’ is significant in my life and serves as an alternate take on my own identity.


A number is a number until you make it something bigger and I am still on that journey; the path to make that ‘something’ even bigger with my #12.
I decided to include the hashtag #TwelfthAve as an inscription on the back of the leather strap.